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Question by  shreya (58)

What are the usual sewing needles for rugs?


Answer by  CatherineKlay (440)

Are you making a hooked rug? Then a very specific hook is used. If you are sewing a binding on a rug, then you should use a heavy upholstery needle.


Answer by  carfixer (243)

These types of needles are much larger than the kinds used with regular thread. Sometimes they will be curved to make it easier to use. Many times a package of needles will include a couple different kinds of them.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

There are actually tapestry needles available for sewing rugs. They are heavier and stronger and have larger eyes for threading. Many are actually quite a bit larger than your standard sewing needles. You will want to look for these specialty needles and smaller needles can break on something as tough as a rug.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Rug sewing needles for rugs are half circle. They have a large eye at one end which will handle heavy thread or cord. The needle is put in the area, the pointed part will come out on top of the rug, about an inch from where you put it in.


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

If you're looking to weave together braided rugs, or any rug for that matter, than upholstery needles are probably the best choice for you. These tend to feature a fairly lengthy stem that is often curved, though some shorter length ones do exist. All in all, these are the needles used for thick rugs.

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