Question by  GTheFinder (15)

What are the unique characteristics of the Basilisk Lizard?

A friend of mine says that the Basilisk Lizard is one of the most unique there is.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

One unique characteristic of the Baslisk lizard is it can run across water. Flaps of skin between its feet allows it to use water surface tension to hold it up.


Answer by  Robin2011 (17)

Basilisk Lizards are known as Jesus Lizards for their ability to run on the surface of water when startled. They are the most common large (more than 2 feet long) lizard in Costa Rica.


Answer by  kimmik (120)

Basilisk lizards have the ability to 'walk on water' when alarmed. They stand upright and run on their hind legs and webbing between their toes allows them to run over water for short distances. They have ridges of scales on their heads, back and tails that make them resemble dinosaurs.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

What your friend is probably referring to is the Basilisks Lizard's ability to "walk on water". They've developed a technique for evading predators where they run for short distances across the surface of water. This behavior also gives them other common name the "Jesus Lizard."


Answer by  Dann (114)

Basilisks are widely known for their ability to "run" across the surface of a body of water. They do this with flaps of skin and scales on their feet and toes, giving them more surface distribution as well as catching air underneath their feet, allowing them to temporarily run across the surface before swimming, using their crest as a rudder.


Answer by  Anonymous

basilisks are amazing they can run short distances on water.

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