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Question by  Steve81 (32)

What are the top ten causes of accidents at work?

i think I know one or two.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

I know the top one cause of accidents at work is inattention, followed closely by slip and falling. Second to that is probably back/improper lifting techniques.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

1. Not following safety instructions. 2. Rushing to get the job done faster. 3. Chemicals in unmarked containers. 4. No training on equipment. 5. No safety gear. 6. Too many warnings to be read. 7. Signs are not updated. 8. Lifting wrong. 9. Stuff put in pathways. 10. Tired workers.


Answer by  crazycampbells (56)

Trips, falls, inattention, vehicle wrecks, slips, clutter, unclean work areas, unsafe work habits, unauthorized use of tools, improper training, careless attitude.


Answer by  Bradders (4)

Inattentional Blindness is a huge factor why people have accidents followed by Alpha sleep. This is something that we all experience for 10, minutes of every hour.


Answer by  Otto (45)

NIOSH identified the following top causes of accidents: repetitive motion, falls to lower level, transportation accidents, overexertion in lifting, falls to same level, slips, trips, loss of balance, caught in equipment or object, assaults and violent acts, fires and explosions, struck against object, struck by object, exposure to harmful substances.


Answer by  krish87eee (26)

1. Carelessness of employees. 2. Improper Training to Labourers. 3. Failure in Machines. 4. Unexperienced Workers. 5. Bad attitudes from management or employees. 6. Work Pressure by Management. 7. Inappropriate Safety Measures. 8. Inadequate Maintainance. 9. Lack of policy enforcement or standard procedures. 10. High State of Depression.


Answer by  kallah22 (7)

Overexertion, Fall on same level/lower level, Slip/Trip without Falling, Struck by Object, Highway Accidents, Repetitive motion injuries, Struck Against Object, Caught/Compressed by Machinery, Assaults/violent acts


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