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Question by  mookey7 (27)

What are the symptoms of an inactive thyroid?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Some people have subtle hints of inactive thyroid while some don't. Symptoms include weight gain, hair loss, depression, change in sleep pattern and feeling cold even in hot weather. Your doctorwill perform a blood test to check hormones in your blood.


Answer by  A36 (629)

An inactive thyroid, medically known as hypothyroidism, causes a wide range of symptoms, like fatigue, weakness, depression, a constant feeling of coldness, dry skin, constipation, memory problems, and heavy periods.


Answer by  newgeneration (699)

An inactive thyroid could cause fatigue, intolerance to cold, sleepiness, dry skin or hair, constipation, difficulty in concentrating, muscle cramps, weight gain and leg swelling.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

An inactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism, is indicated by weight gain, lack of energy, and depression. Other symptoms in women include changes in your period.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

There can be many different symptoms, an underactive thyroid or inactive thyroid can cause weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, infertility, hair loss, fatigue or malaise, a general weak or tired feeling.


Answer by  bumblebee (313)

If your thyroid is underactive or inactive, it is called hypothropidism. There are many symptoms that can clue you in to the fact that your thyroid is inactive. Some of the most common symptoms are feeling cold, weight gain, lethargic or tired, not sleeping well and unexplained aches and pains.

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