Question by  kbclassi (20)

What are the names of the cholesterol medications?


Answer by  PAtobeDU12 (239)

The most commonly prescribed brand name medications in the statin class of drugs are Crestor, Lipitor, and Zocor. Other common brand names are Zetia, Vytorin, and Niaspan. These all work in different ways and its important to decide with your doctor which is best for you. Your doctor may prescribe a single cholesterol medication or several medications that work together.


Answer by  ubcmed (185)

basically the biggest group is the statins which include drugs like simvastatin, rosuvastatin etc. Basically they all end in statin.


Answer by  cindy (1484)

The most commonly used and most effective cholesterol medications are called statins. The formal names for these drugs all contain the ending statin. For instance, one is called atorvostatin. Another group of cholesterol meds are fibrates.


Answer by  kdesbiens (55)

Cholesterol medications include Altocor, Mevacor, Crestor, Lescol, Lipitor, Pravachol, Zocor, Antara, Lipofen, Tricor, Triglide, Atromid-S, Lopid, Zetia, Colestid, Questran, Welchol, Niacor, Lovaza, Omacor, Advicor, Simcor, and Vytorin. Generics are available.

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