Question by  perapera (20)

What are the most used cat or feline tranquilizers?

I have to tranquilize my cat prior to traveling and need to know the best one to use.


Answer by  alc1974 (71)

The most common cat tranquilizers are Acepromazine and Valium. You will need a veterinarian to prescribe these medications. Rescue Remedy is a common non-prescription calming aid that is applied to the back of the ears. All medications come with risks; consult your veterinarian for the best option for your pet.


Answer by  Kelmaz (339)

There are many medications you can buy from pet stores that will aid in calming a pet down before travelling such as rescue remedy which are safe to use but if you wish to use tranquilizers then it would be best to consult a vet as the correct dosage for the weight of your animal would need to be administered.


Answer by  nksmom (197)

You should probably check with your vet first, but benedryl might just do the trick. It is something that is inexpensive and most people already have it on the shelf.


Answer by  brookemw85aolcom (54)

Ask your vet before use. The most common cat tranquilizers in use today are diazepam, acepromazine and thiopental. They are all fast acting and will cause drowsiness in your cat!


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Serax and valium are often used to tranquilize cats. You can try tranqulizing your cat using either one of the two mentioned.


Answer by  kittymum (142)

Acepromazine (or "ace") is a good tranquilizer for both cats and dogs. My vets have always prescribed ace for my cats, and I administer it an hour or so prior to a medical procedure. However, Valium is also commonly used. Both meds to be prescribed, though, so call your vet for his/her advice on your specific situation.


Answer by  Jen85 (17)

Although it seems that tranquilizing one's cat is no longer recommended for airline travel, my internet research shows that the most common feline tranquilizer used is known as "Acepromazine. "


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The only way to get a good feline tranquilizer is to contact your vet they will perscribe something thats safe and of a safe dosage for your cat if you just go buy something off the shelf it may to strong and you don't want to lose your cat.

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