Question by  Mary07 (199)

What are the most popular baby girl names?

I am excited to be having a baby girl!


Answer by  CC63 (406)

Baby girl names that are a big hit in 2010 are Nevaeh, Riley, Cameran, Madison, Brooklyn, Shelby, Vivian, Aly and Courtney. It is important to choose a name that you like best, not just something popular. You essentially want to choose something that you and your significant other agree on.


Answer by  AmberS (31)

According to the Social Security Administration, some of the most popular girls names for 2010 are Emily, Emma, Ava, Olivia, Madison, Isabella, Sophia, Chloe, Abigail, Samantha, Addison, Natalie, Mia, and Elizabeth.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

The Social Security Administration keeps track of popular names, and there are lists online, like Emma, Chloe, Madison, Emily, Abigail, Olivia, Elizabeth. Pick a name that is special to YOU!


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Some popular baby girl names are : Ava, Molly, Pyper, Elizabeth, Kathryn, Zoe, Chloe, Grace, Madison, Amber, Tiffany, Laura, Meagan, Heather, Diane, Neaveh. There are lots of girl names out there. If you are looking for older names you could do a Kathryn, Elizabeth, Margaret or Mary. If you are looking for modern names, Neveah is one of them

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