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Question by  tiffany (34)

What are the max allowed wires in PVC conduit?


Answer by  abdulfathah (79)

Electrical conduits (it be metal (EMT), plastic (PVC), or flexible conduit) have their own maximum number of electrical wires allowed in the conduit. It depends upon the size of the conduit and the size of the wires. For 1/2" PVC- we can fill 10 no of #14 wires,7 no of #12 wires and 4 no of #10 wires.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

You will need to cosult with the NEC code book. It depends on the size of the conduit you are running in and also the size of the conductors you are running through it.


Answer by  worker6730 (22)

PVC namely plastic (polyvinyl chloride)mainly used in the areas where the chances of wet spreading areas, mainly this type used in underground areas and this conduit comes in 10 foot length only.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

There is actually no amount of wires that are allowed. You can use any amount of wires that you would like.


Answer by  Anonymous

There is an amount of wires you can fit in certain size pipe. Also you are not to exceed 3 current carrying conductors in any size pipe without stepping down the amps the wire size can hold. Nec book is your best bet.

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