Question by  JustSomeGirl (12)

What are the main rivers in Wisconsin?


Answer by  sdfarmer (374)

Mississippi River is the largest river in Wisconsin. It formed the western border of Wisconsin to Minnesota and Iowa. Wisconsin River is another major river in Wisconsin. It bisected the state and drained into Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien.


Answer by  ClarkeTanner (9)

The longest river in Wisconsin, the "Badger State" , is the Wisconsin River, 430 miles (692 km) long. Together with the Lake Superior and Lake Michigan The Montreal River, Menominee River, the Mississippi River and St. Croix River form bounderies to Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. The lakes and Rivers are the result of the decline of the last last glacial period.


Answer by  echt (26)

Wisconsin's main rivers are the Mississippi River, the Wisconsin River, the Flambeau River, the Black River, the Chippewa River and the Saint Croix River.


Answer by  Gertrude (107)

Wisconsin has many waterways, the most well-known being the Mississipi River. Other major rivers include the Wisconsin, the St. Croix, and the Chippewa.


Answer by  Wisconsin (5)

Rivers that are found in Wisconsin and that are significant are the Montreal River, the Mississippi River, and the Menominee River.

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