Question by  mandey5511 (102)

What are the fundamental differences between western philosophies and native north american ways of knowing?

Generally, how does each culture view the world and education?


Answer by  dar25 (123)

A fundamental difference between Western philosophy and Native Americans is found in how they approach knowledge. Western ways of knowing the world are based on materialism and logic, whereas traditional Native American epistemology is based on experiential knowledge.


Answer by  grouper916 (40)

Western tradition flow from Aristotle's ideas of logic. The American native is is naturalistic. The logic way assumes cause and effect. The Indian way sees nature as personalities that are capricious and independent.


Answer by  kathryn26 (96)

Western philosophies see their world as something to be conquered and dominatner; the native north americans see their connectedness to their world. Western philosophies consider scholarship as their main way of education; the north american natives consider Nature, their elders, their ancestors, and their experiences to be their education.


Answer by  MicheleRene (21)

Western philosophy focuses more on the good of the individual rather than the good of all. This includes the good of nature as well as humans.

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