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What are the four parts of an experiment?

I need to know the four parts of an experiment.


Answer by  Meredith92 (158)

The four major parts of an experiment are: Hypothesis, Experiment, Data/Results, and Conclusion. Often times there are more parts to attributed to an experiment but these are the major categories.

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Answer by  rabbui (275)

Typically, there are five parts to an experiment, sometimes called the Scientific Method. The typical order is: problem, hypothesis, experiment, observation and conclusion. If it had to be boiled down to four parts, you could safely use: hypothesis, experiment, observation and conclusion. You couldn't have an experiment without a problem so you can safely eliminate that step.


Answer by  dheis (58)

The breakdown of an experiment is to say "Hypothesis, Procedure, Data, and Conclusions". The first, hypothesis involves researching a problem, stating a problem, and developing a hypothesis. Next, you run the procedures of the experiment to test the hypothesis. Next, you record the data from the experiment. Finally, you must interpret the data and develop conclusions based on your hypothesis.


Answer by  bobomonkey72 (19)

According to the hypothetico-deductive model for scientific method, the four parts of an experiment, based originally on Aristotle's theory, are 1. gather data; 2. hypothesize, or guess, the explanation; 3. predict an outcome; 4. seek outside verification.


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

Research - research on the experiment Hypothesis- make an hypothesis based on your research Data - record the data of the experiment Conclusion - give your conclusion


Answer by  fig40 (89)

The four parts of an experiment are the: 1. Hypothesis: What you think will happen 2. Procedure: What you did 3. Data: Information gathered 4. Conclusion: Explanation of the results


Answer by  fizeronline (54)

Part 1: Hypothesis - statement of what your experiment is trying to prove. Part 2: Method - instructions of how the experiment is done. Part 3: Results - data obtained by experiment Part 3: Discussion - did your results prove or disprove your hypothesis.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

State a hypothesis or problem, design an experiment that tests the presumptions of the theory, record the data that is going to support or dismiss your findings, prove or disapprove the hypothesis.


Answer by  Chemist47 (189)

The scientific method consists of defining a problem creating a testable statement devising an experiment to test that statement evaluating the correctness of your original statement and starting over with step one


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You are all wrong the right answer is problem, materials,Prediction, Produce, Observations,Consolation that is the real way to write your experiment. ps there is 6 parts tnx and bye

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