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Question by  HippieAshley (58)

What are the eating habits of pitbull puppies?


Answer by  kcmagpie (46)

Pitbull puppies need to eat a balanced diet of commercial puppy food that is formulated for their lifestage. Based on age and body weight, recommended feedings can be determined and divided into three equal meals per day. They should always have access to fresh water. Your veterinarian should examine your puppy and make specific recommendations for him.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

Pitbull puppies typically eat more than a common puppy. Their particular breed is more muscled and also grows quite rapidly. It's good to have protein in the diet.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

They eat the same as any puppy. You need a good nutritious food, I tend to go with dry, but it's your choice. Try peteducation. com or any site for the SPCA or HSUS to guide you in raising your little guys.


Answer by  Sarah88 (24)

They have the same nutritional needs as other puppies. Nursing from the mother, Then quality dry puppy food with a bit of warm water is sufficient.


Answer by  XiaoXin (79)

They should not be any different from other puppies. Should be fed small amounts frequently and also according to their weight. Always feed with good quality food.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

Pitbull puppies eat well, as most puppies do. When very young (under 8 weeks of age), the puppies should be fed frequent, small meals. When all puppies are young and small, low blood sugar is a concern. As they grow, a minimum of two meals per day should be sufficient to maintain a healthy pitbull puppy.


Answer by  user21 (361)

During the first six months of the puppy's life they should be fed one cup of food, dry or wet, three times a day. Once the six months marker is reached the puppy need to be fed based on its weight, usually between four to six cups of food divided over two meals until the year marker is reached.


Answer by  Crystal51 (118)

All puppies pretty much eat the same, whatever you give them as fast as they can. Because some pitbulls are territorial, you should feed the puppy away from the adults.


Answer by  Cali (518)

Pitbull puppies, like any other puppies, eat a lot. Puppies are in the growing stage, and need a lot of food to provide for proper maturation.


Answer by  ktt (355)

Pitbull puppies eat like other medium-size puppies. They require puppy food, preferably a high quality food. The amount of food should be appropriate for their age/weight and you can find the right amount on the side of the bag.


Answer by  kalaberita (32)

It is obvious. The pitbull puppies are like the rest of the puppies. It is recommended to feed them with dog food special for puppies but I always give them boiled chicken

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