Question by  mashashi (19)

What are the different types of microscopes?


Answer by  Pete59 (83)

The main types are optical microscopes (who use light), electron microscopes (using electron beams instead of light) and scanning probe microscopes (with a physical probe).


Answer by  Irene (104)

Many types of microscopes exist, the most general characterization of which are compound, confocal, and electron microscopes. The compound microscope is the basic and most well-known, offering light magnification up to a theoretical 1500x magnification. Confocal microscopes cut slices of a 3D object, and electron microscopes are most precise.


Answer by  TheJester (95)

The most basic type is the light microscope. These use glass optics to enlarge images. Other types include scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, and scanning probe microscopes. The first two use focused beams of electrons instead of light. The third uses a tiny pointed tip that senses the force of atoms on the surface of the material.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

The most common type of microscope found is the light microscope, featuring a stage area that is lit by a source. These can vary in their magnification, such as the dissecting microscope or the compound light microscope. There are also complex microscopes like electron microscopes (scanning or transmission).

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