Question by  mema14 (15)

What are the common symptoms of pregnancy?

I am pregnant with my second baby and I dont remember any of this bloating with my first.


Answer by  cburdi00 (20)

Common symptoms of pregnancy often include bloating, fatigue, persistent hunger or thirst, tender or swollen breasts, and nausea. Many of these symptoms begin to set in between the sixth and eighth week of pregnancy. Personally, I had twins and my symptoms set in very early.

Reply by mema14 (15):
ive been having these symptoms since 3 weeks. The doctor found I was pregnant very early by blood test and my hormone level indicated 21 days pregnant. I don't think I got any of these symptoms until I was 8 weeks with my first child.  add a comment

Answer by  Amy5280 (42)

Pregnancy symptons usually begin with a missed period. They vary from woman to woman. Typically the feet and breasts are usually the first to swell up. Other symptons include cravings and/or nausea. Headaches, backaches, footaches are common. Other symptons are being emotional and frequent urination.

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