Question by  mariamota (6)

What are the best ways to win big money?

I need cash.


Answer by  wcmcduffie (115)

Gamble a lot. Double up on what you normally spend on lottery and pray for a miracle. Take a one day or half a day "vacation" to Las Vegas and spend some time at the craps tables or on the slot machines. Don't stick with one machine. Rotate around. Watch for people leaving after playing for hours.


Answer by  Zorfandel (398)

There are no ways to win big money. If you need to make quick money sell illegal drugs or have a tag sale and sell your old and useless junk.


Answer by  Zenki (231)

Lottery is one of best answer in your question.Just encircle six out of 40 to 55 numbers and wait for the result the next day.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Well it's hard to win money unless your into poker. If you have some kind of idea of how to play and your really good at it you can make some good money playing poker. Also just try selling stuff. It's easy and you make a lot of money for it.

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