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Question by  Kevin15 (5)

What are the best ovulation detector kits on the market?


Answer by  Charlotte32 (214)

A number of studies show that Clearblue Easy's fertility monitor and test strips are very effective. You can also track your body temperature daily to determine ovulation times.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

'First Response Ovulation Test Kits' are the top selling ovulation detection kits on the market. The kit sells at most mass retail chains like Walmart and at many local pharmacies. The kits come in various 'bundles' and range from $25-50. Commercial ovulation kits are considered to be approximately 98% accurate.


Answer by  manamana (203)

Clearblue easy ovulation test pack has seven strip tests that measure hormone levels. These test strips are more sensitive than generic brands. Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is also a great brand but costs a bit more.


Answer by  jaketa (117)

In my experience, the best ovulation detector on the market is the Clearblue Digital test, because it gives you two days in which you'll have the best chance of conception.


Answer by  monniemonster (74)

I found that the pest ovulation detector kits are the saliva fertility testers, as they are reusable, easy to use and they can be used anywhere any time.

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