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Question by  davrots (15)

What are the Advantage flea medicine dosage amounts?


Answer by  montree (354)

The dosage for flea medications varies by weight and brand. You have to follow the weight restrictions to the exact amount listed. Flea medications are a lesser known killer of dogs. Flea medications sold by a veteranarian tend to cost more but are generally less dangerous than your generic counter parts.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Advantage makes several flea prevention treatments. All are dosed based on weight. Your veterinarian or a veterinarian supply can advise you, based on your dog's weight, what the proper, safe and effective dosing is.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Your dosage is clearly stated on the product package, and may depend on the weight of the animal. As with any product you should diligently read the product information,follow the directions. If in doubt, you can refer to the product website, call their cstmr service line, or consult your vet.


Answer by  eae38 (84)

One application tube is the typical dosage for and animal. A box comes with four applications and one application last for approximately one month.


Answer by  Jeff55 (3)

Advantage 9 - 0.4 ml for cats 1-9 lbs Advantage 18 - 0.8 ml for cats 10 lbs and over Advantage 10 - 0.4 ml for dogs 1-10 lbs Advantage 20 - 1.0 ml for dogs 11-20 lbs Advantage 55 - 2.5 ml for dogs 21-55 lbs Advantage 100 - 4.0 ml for dogs weighing 55 lbs and over


Answer by  Riley (765)

The dosage amount of Advantage flea medicine for either cat or dogs is based upon the weight and size of our animal.

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