Question by  alaurent (1)

What are temperature requirements for storage of mini-DVs after recording on them and how long will they maintain quality?


Answer by  Kern (75)

Mini-DV tapes have a shelf life of ten to fifteen years. Unlike film, which should be stored in a cold dark place, miniDV tapes are best kept in an area of 25 C or 77 F, with a relatively mid-level humidity. If the temperature moves drastically from warm to cold it could cause damage to the tape.


Answer by  Novemberfire (322)

Avoid extremes. If your body doesn't like the temperature, you mini-DV's probably won't, either. They will last over 20 years but you should transfer to a digital file for archiving.


Answer by  kabrinalambert (16)

Mini-DVs are to be kept at around 75F, and they will last over 15 years. They should be saved on a computer or digital device for safe keeping.


Answer by  mtlady1943 (144)

Mini-DVs are best kept at temps around 25C or 77F. They have a Shelf life around ten to fifteen years. Drastic temp changes from warm to cold could cause damage.

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