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Question by  Pat11 (9)

What are sun blisters on the lip?


Answer by  docryan (84)

They are simply that. Blisters that form from your lips getting sunburned. Care should include chapstick with an spf to prevent it from getting any worse. Although the sun does have a tendency to liberate the herpes virus. Not necessarily the STD in this case but of different strand of the virus.


Answer by  skin (6)

Sun blisters on the lip ends are due to over exposure to sun or heat. However it might sometimes be called a herpex virus infection. So try to identify its category: as a viral infection or due to heat produced in the body. If it occurs frequently during stresses, less sleep, vitamin deficiency etc then it could be viral infection.


Answer by  Charlotte32 (214)

Sun blisters are areas of severe sunburn on any part of the body, including the lips. To prevent them, try a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.


Answer by  feodin (201)

Your blisters could be caused by sunburn on your lip or it could be an outbreak of a cold sore that is triggered due to the stress that sun damage causes to your lips.

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