Question by  whitney (19)

What are some suggestions for the wording on a going away party invitation?


Answer by  Binkmeyer (23)

Soon our friends will be off. And soon we will be remembering when this or that happened with that family and we'll smile and laugh and miss them. But before our dear friends leave, perhaps we should make one last memory together; for them to take to that new place and for us to store in our hearts here.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The boxes are packed, the house is sold, the moving van will be here soon, but before all the excitement begins we must say good bye to all our friends.


Answer by  Karthikeyan (60)

To make decorating and planning easier, you may want to choose a theme for the party. Something that is important and relevant to your son. If he has something he loves like music or old movies, you can use that to create a fun themed party.


Answer by  pallavi (0)

What can be written in potluck mails for office?

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