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Question by  talisa (137)

What are some Spanish dog names?


Answer by  anna2662 (232)

I would think any regular human spanish name could be applied to a dog for a spanish name. Also maybe names of spanish dishes, or spanish items. Some names I would recommend are: Taco, Nacho, Pablo, Alicia, Paloma, Garcia, Florina, Nadine, Jesus, Ricardo, and Lopez to just name a few that come to mind.


Answer by  RLJeffries (66)

It depends on whether you want a boy or girl name. Some of the more popular girl names for dogs include Milena, Frau, Eevee, Tessy, Coska, Aisha, Tila, and Coquita. Some popular boy names include Yusky, Trompas, Dax, Loki, Mohohoho (which is just fun to say), Bady, Aparico, and Pedrolo.


Answer by  Redav (231)

There are some spanish dog names like Cachupin, Peludo, Manchado, Negro, Asesino (killer in spanish), Demonio (demon in spanish), Angel, Principe (Prince in spanish), Duque (Duke in spanish), Ramón, Pancho, Conde (count in spanish)Diamante, Mono, Gato (cat in spanish, sometimes is used for the bring me the cat and get a dog joke).


Answer by  mars3291 (252)

Some Spanish dog names are Spanish Alano, Spanish Mastiff and Galgo. * Aragon...Region of N.E. Spain. Begins this list of Spanish dog names.Benito...A blessing.Bonita...Pretty. A Top dog name. Carmen.Bizet's Spanish lo, the secret jargon of the Gitano stile, once an independent state of Spain.Conde, a Spanish Count. Condessa, a Countess.


Answer by  IdaBalic (90)

Gazpacho, Franco, Hermosa, Adonicia, Balboa, Inca, Nicabar, Neva, Jorge, Pancho, Orinoco, Chiquita, Consuelo, Luna, Malaga, Santo, Lota, Corazon, Salvado, Malia, Ticho, Esteban.


Answer by  PeggyG (14)

There are many websites that will give you hundreds of names to choose from and the names will state if the names are for females or males. However, I have chosen several Spanish names to give you a great start in choosing the perfect name. Zita - Female Luna - Female Isabella - Female Emilio - Male Esteban - Male

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