Question by  johncoveleski (93)

What are some sign of aging in macaws?


Answer by  mdfloyd (131)

Macaws have been known to live for over a hundred years, so it can be difficult to judge aging. Some things to look for are thickened or gnarled feet, thickened beak -- but these can also be signs of illness, so your best bet is to see an avian vet to be sure.


Answer by  askmeanything (41)

Macaws usually live into their 40s. Macaws show physical degeneration progressing with age. This usually takes place around the time the birds reproductive potential has exceeded. Macaws show muscle wasting and weight loss, lack of exercise, joint stiffness and thinning of the facial feathers.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

I've heard that Macaws can live over a 100 years. So for such a bird, it is really difficult to see any aging signs. They might have thickened beaks but that could also be because of any illness so to check this, go to your local vet and ask him about this.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They tend to not be as alert as they once were thats the biggest one they will also start to do odd things that are new they sometimes will also start to bite or scream but other than that there really aren't many way you can tell they are getting up in age.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

Macaws show some aging sign like weight loss,gnarled feet,joint stiffness,thickened beaks,muscle wasting and thinning of the facial feathers.These signs show when macaws live into their 40's and above.


Answer by  karthikeyan72 (116)

Their lifespan is typcially up to 50 years with breeding age being up to approximately 30-35 years. A 40 year old macaw shows definite signs of aging, and a 50 year old macaw is very old. The fledgling period lasts 12 weeks. Most Blue and Golds breed once a year.

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