Question by  taratufts (10)

What are some science projects that utilizes static electricity?


Answer by  stevenhuynh (86)

Rub a balloon on your hair (charged) and use it to pick up confetti (neutral charge). Comb your hair then hold it close (but not touching) a stream of running water (neutral charge) to bend it. Static electricity experiments work best in winter because there's less water in the air.


Answer by  Harry15 (17)

Some of the experiments that use static electricity are picking up of paper particles with your comb, making your hair stand up straight, making balloons stick to certain objects, sparks can also be controlled through static electricity


Answer by  alekhyadoodi (31)

The electrons which are in constant motion some times build up static charge, which happens through conductors like copper.Static electricity is an electric charge at rest.Project-Required materials-Balloon and Small pieces of paper. procedure-Rub hair on balloon to charge and wave over pieces of paper to watch the paper pieces sway


Answer by  vtfishman (72)

A great science project with static electricity is to inflate a standard balloon, then rub it with a piece of wool cloth or a wool sock. The balloon will then have an electric charge that can be used to create an attraction to the hair on someones head.


Answer by  MzVickie (186)

Can you light a light using static electricity. Can you make a stactic electricity collector? Can you make a static electricity generator?

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