Question by  Ghost (10)

What are some powerful names?

I'm looking to name my son.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

In Hebrew, the name, Roman, means 'strong, powerful'. Amory used for a boy- 'brave, powerfu'l. Frederick or Fredric - 'strong ruler'. Akbar - 'great' in Arabic. The Irish meaning of the unusual name, Kaylen is 'powerful', as is Kellan. Emerson - 'brave, powerful', Richard - 'powerful, rich ruler'. Terrell - 'thunder ruler'. Zeus - 'powerful one'


Answer by  McKenzieStarr (10)

When I think of names that are powerful for boys, I think of Mason, Barrett, Ian, Brian, Karter, Cody, Hayden, Bentley and Aaron. Most of them are also popular names.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Elija and Daniel are strong boy's names. Duke is a good name. Also Samuel from the Bible. Joseph and James are other choices. Hercules and Moses are unusual choices. I like the name, Mark.


Answer by  Lisa86 (79)

Michael is a strong name after the arch angel in the Bible. Daniel is another strong Biblical name. You could try Alexander or Alex after the famous general. Richard the Lion-Hearted provides another good name. Otherwise, from popular media try Luke from Star Wars, or Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

Ethan- enduring, Aaron- exalted, David- beloved, Abner- my father is light, Dathan- fountain, Abraham- father of many, Adam- man, Andrew- of man, Daniel- God is my judge, Eliezer- God is my help, Joshua- God rescues, William- desire, Christopher- bearer of christ, Matthew- gift of god, Aiden- fire, Nathan- god has given.


Answer by  lawlwin (34)

i think that a powerful name would be Roy, i think it would be a powerful name because it also means King.


Answer by  Butthairs (47)

A powerful name to me would be Jack. Cecil is also a powerful male name, and I've always been fond of the name Matthew. I also like Vincent, and Jordan. It really depends on the last name in my opinion though.

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