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Question by  lbauman1222 (130)

What are some names for tough dogs?


Answer by  wilson57 (239)

Spike is my favorite tough dog name. Other tough names include Bruiser, Killer, and Ranger. Any name that can be connected to a famous Hollywood tough guy would work,too. These include Rambo, Duke, Mugsy and Bogie. Any rough weather name could also work for a tough dog - like Hurricane, Tornado, Thunder and Lightening.


Answer by  crazyangel72 (115)

As my family loves dogs that most others find intimidating, it has been a tough job finding a good name, however, our little boxer puppy which will grow up to be a rather large intimidating dog is named "PUDDLE DUCK". The first time someone sees her after I call "Puddles" from the back yard,(full grown) the reaction will be priceless.


Answer by  chalyse (147)

Rocky, Butch, Killer, Brutus, Mad Max, Gangsta, Brute, Hammer, Stony, Grizzle, Jaws, Mr. Ouch, Bandit, Pounder, Snarl, Fang, Wild Eyes, Thunder, Stormy, Wolf.


Answer by  Ann4232 (5)

There are many very created names for tough dogs such as Blaze, Killer, Brutus, Menace, Admiral Colonel, Hercules and King.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Some good tough dogs names are Thor, Killer, Max, Bones, Chaos, Macho, Rocky, and King. The best way to name your dog is after you meet them!

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