Question by  jeff87 (16)

What are some job opportunities for someone who has a BS in Mathematics?


Answer by  elizabeth17 (44)

Job opportunities for a Bs in mathematics person are below:- Information Scientist,Purchasing Agent/Buyer,Quality Control Analyst,Contract Administrator International Trade Specialist,Securities Broker,ControllerInventory Control,Specialist,Statistician,Cost Estimator,Investment Analyst,Systems Analyst, Credit/Loan Officer, Teacher, Treasurer,EDP Auditor,Mathematician,External Auditor,Actuary,Underwriter, Psychometrist,Budget Analyst


Answer by  trippedwire (31)

There are a ton of things you can do with a Mathematics degree. *Actuary *Estimator *Numerical Analyst *Bank Examiner *Financial Aid Director * Operations Research Analyst *Benefits Administrator *Financial Manager *Payroll Manager *Budget Analyst *Financial Planner *Foreign-Exchange Trader *Information Scientist *Computer Programmer *Inventory Control Specialist *Investment Analyst *Investment Researcher * Investigator


Answer by  JeremiahJohnson (88)

With a Bachelors degree in Mathematics there a number of career choices. A mathematics background is a good starting point for a career as an actuary, statistician, and other business related fields that require math expertise. One can also go into teaching math.


Answer by  Abs (26)

Consider Analyst level positions in Finance, Marketing or Strategy departments of large corporates, Wall Street, Research organizations and the Government. Consider teaching Math or statistics.

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