Question by  Anonymous

What are some examples of careers in the fashion industry?


Answer by  ruth (407)

You can be a designer, you can be a model, you can be the seamstress who sews up the designs or you can be the tailor who alters the clothes and makes it fit. You can work in marketing, selling designs to stores, or you can work in advertising, making others want to buy the design.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The fashion field includes jobs like retail buyer, merchandising, product development, brand marketing design and marketing. The possibilities are limitless.


Answer by  XjoshhyX (132)

Some careers in the fashion industry include clothing designers, fashion writer, fashion photographer, model management, modeling, fashion magazine editor, underwear model, hairstylist, and make-up artist among a plethora of others.


Answer by  druids (24)

I considered modeling as one of the best career examples in the fashion industry. If you have what it takes to be a model, then try it. It only needs height, beauty and a lot of guts. I have a friend who is a local model and says that money comes easy and traveling the world is just an incentive.

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