Question by  penrose (235)

What are Soldier Ants?

can they be either male or female?


Answer by  ZenHaltija (286)

Soldier ants are ants that will kill anything possible within their path by fighting through a pinch, clamp. They have pinchers than can cause a painful sting. They are generally sterile, meaning non reproductive females.


Answer by  Adspencer (44)

Soldier ants are also referred to as army ants. In the ant kingdom, individual ants are born to do certain jobs. Worker ants build and gather; likewise, soldier ants defend and fight by stinging predators and clamping down on their enemies with giant pinchers. Like worker ants, soldier ants consist mainly of sterile female ants.


Answer by  crmn (34)

Soldier ants are sterile wingless female ants. They have stronger mandibles which enable effective fighting. They also do the work of ordinary worker ants. Soldier ants defend the colony by biting the offender and some even inject formic acid into the victim which causes a painful burning sensation. The Jack Jumper ant's bite can be fatal.


Answer by  calcutta (168)

Soldier ants are typically female. They are responsible for defending the rest of the ant colony against outside threats. In most species of ants, soldiers are different than worker ants that build/maintain the nest and gather food for the smooth functioning of the colony.

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