Question by  EcoCrafty (33)

What are possible causes of light stools?


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Pale-colored stool can be an indicator of digestive conditions, pregnancy, changes in bile production associated with gallstones or gall bladder inflammation, hepatitis, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, mononucleosis, sickle cell anemia, certain medications, yellow fever, or cystic fibrosis. A change in stool appearance should prompt you to see your doctor.


Answer by  Cyn (408)

Stool color changes can be due to diet or a medical condition. One of the foods that cause light stool is rice. Or sometimes a high vegaterian diet can be the cause. It usually indicates that there is an absence of bile salts. Some of the medical conditions that cause it are biliary, liver, and pancreas disorders.


Answer by  goheyjo (47)

What we ingest has a huge impact on our stools, being light in color would have everything to do with what you're eating and drinking. You need to ask yourself a few questions, what have I been taking into my body, anything with dyes or light colors anything different.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

This is a bad sign as it means your liver is going into failure. If your stools are white then you have liver failure. If stools are yellow it means the liver is functioning but only just. You must stop all alcohol and eat plenty of vegetables and fruit this will help.


Answer by  ppremise (200)

By light stool I assume you mean that it floats on water and not that it gives off light. A diet rich in fats will cause your stool to be less dense then water and subsequently it will float on the surface. If you want sinkers, cut the fat out of your diet.


Answer by  jamiec (74)

The food we eat affects the color of the stools. Eating large amounts of rice and such may be the reason. Also though, liver failure can cause this.


Answer by  Roopa (74)

If one has light stools, it is naturally from the intake he has had. It could mainly be due to the rice and vegetables that are eaten. Beware because this is a sign to poor liver functioning. If this condition persists, it is always best that you seek the advice of a General Physician.

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