Question by  MaxCTurk (24)

What are great mat colors for a landscape pictures?

I need color ideas for a landscape picture.


Answer by  artgirl (367)

Consider what kind of landscape you're working with. Beach scenes? Forest? Sunsets? Mountains? Echo the color scheme in the matting. Nature is your best inspiration for colors. If you can find them together in nature, you'll be okay.


Answer by  lovehuskies (43)

Traditionally, a black mat will make almost any picture pop. Otherwise try dark colors like green or blue, but keep in mind the complementary color for the entire picture. If the landscape is mostly greens, for example, try the black mat or a soft neutral like gray or deep red.


Answer by  annie52foof (1459)

It would largely depend on the picture. However I would venture to say that most landscape pictures will contain very natural colors of course. So I would pick one of the colors out of picture that would enhance it and blend in with the over all landscape.

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