Question by  AmandaVogel (19)

Should you keep your boyfriend if he got a girl pregnant?


Answer by  Maggie77 (17)

It depends on the circumstance. If you weren't together when he got her pregnant, and he stepped up to help provide child support and be a father, then he's probably not a bad guy. Getting a girl pregnant doesn't make you a bad person, it's what you do afterwards that counts.


Answer by  maelab2 (262)

It depends. If he impregnated the girl before you were together, then you should evaluate his level of commitment to you. If he impregnated the girl while you were dating, then you should dump him.


Answer by  John (9008)

While every relationship is different, your boyfriend has engaged in incredibly reckless behavior. Not only did he cheat on you, but he got someone pregnant. He will be responsible for a child. Also, he clearly had unprotected sex and has put you at risk for venereal diseases. You should find someone else and dump him as soon as possible.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

If you decide to keep your boyfriend, you will need to do it with the understanding that he may do it again. Are you prepared to accept that?


Answer by  mom (244)

If the girl isn't you, and he doesn't want to take responsibility for his child, the answer is NO!!! He is too irresponsible and unfaithful.

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