Question by  Danellia (134)

Should I rack mount my radio?


Answer by  socrpro44 (12)

If you have a lot of equipment along with your radio a rack mount is a great setup to have. It allows many of the wires to be sequestered in a managable area and look neat and nice.


Answer by  aofia (154)

No you I should not rack mount my radio because it is usally not needed for a radio. You usually rack mount computers. Radio can be free standing and don't need the extra help.


Answer by  Simo53 (90)

Definately. Keeping stuff in a rack is so much better for keeping things organised and tidy. Might have some issues with signal intereference if you have other electrical devies in the rack but as long as your radio is good enough it should be shielded against intereference anyways. Antenna might need to be extended though.

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