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Question by  bobbobsson (24)

Should I have my colonoscopy with MAC?

What are some considerations?


Answer by  regalphl318 (26)

If prior colonoscopies with "twilight" anesthesia have failed or you have a medical condition requiring it, use MAC. Barring that, MAC will require an anesthesiologist and is more expensive. So beware, some insurers like Aetna may not cover it if they feel it isn't warranted in your case.


Answer by  dholmes (82)

Colonoscopy is generally performed using "conscious sedation". MAC provides for a deeper level of sedation and monitoring however you will still be responsive and breathing on your own unlike "general anesthesia". As there is always some risk associated with anesthesia, it is best to speak with your physician and take into account your overall health status when making this decision.


Answer by  vineetha20 (120)

MAC is a deep twilight sedation and you will not be aware of anything. The patient will be breathing on their own. It is better to undergo a conscious sedation so that you will know what is going own without having the pain.


Answer by  mani (813)

Regarding colonoscopies with MAC anesthesia, a needle will be put in the arm and you might feel a little lightheaded, within few minutes you will feel that you are getting recovery. It is the Propofol and Versed combination. You will be given extra oxygen to inhale and the heart beating will be monitored with the equipment attached in the arm

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