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Question by  Diyer62 (23)

Right rib cage pain when coughing is a symptom of what?


Answer by  Loyola (378)

Violent coughing could have strained a chest muscle. Severe pain could indicate you have fractured a rib. Back pain in addition to coughing and rib cage pain are symptoms of possible pneumonia. Only a doctor can diagnose whether your pain is due to muscle strain, rib injury or pneumonia.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

There are a number of possible causes including a 'stitch' -- when air is trapped in a small pocket in the lungs and can't get out. The pain can be quite sharp, but isn't dangerous. Other possibilities should be checked out by a medical professional, and can be more serious.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

If you have been coughing a lot and your right rib hurts there could be two reasons for this. 1. You could have pulled a muscle when coughing. Less likely than reason 2 because you should hurt on both sides. 2. You have broken a rib. The break could be pre-existing or caused by the coughing.


Answer by  mommyearl (65)

Pain in the rib cage during certain activities and when coughing can be a sign of cracked or broken rib. Any rough activities that may have happened when this pain started should be reported to your doctor.

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