Question by  azkc (59)

My heater is not working on my Chrysler Concorde, what should I do?


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Your heater is usually a control systems issue. Verify that there are no blown fuses in the fuse box, located usually to the left of the steering column. If that checks out, the control panels might need to be replaced. If that still has not found the problem, go do the dealship to see if the heating element is broken.


Answer by  Jay18 (112)

You should check to make sure the car has engine coolant. (if there is no coolant, the warmth of the engine is easily lost in cold weather) You could also take it to your nearest Chrysler dealership, where a mechanic could look at it. If under warranty, the look should be free of charge.


Answer by  stANLEY83 (64)

You need to change the heat valve, check if there is any air gaps in the system, change the antifreeze , check the fuses, change the thermostat and every thing must be fine


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well if it is not blowing then the blower may be bad. If it doesn't get hot then you may need to check the cooling system or the heater core.


Answer by  stella97 (17)

I would take it into a shop to get looked at. I wouldn't go the dealership because that can get be very costly. Look on the web for common problems.

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