Question by  worker9181 (47)

My DVD player door does not open, how do I fix it?


Answer by  Tim55 (618)

Open it manually with your finger or a butter knife, look to see if there is something inside, manually pull on the tray it could be stuck from dirt or dust. If it is still under warranty call the company, you could get a new dvd player for free and not even know it.


Answer by  mtwx (43)

I would advise not opening up your DVD player's components, as it contains lasers and some intricate circuitry you may not be able to reassemble. Send it back to the manufacturer for repair if it is still under warranty, otherwise, pay for a repair at a local shop or the original manufacturer.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

I think the disk is stuck inside the DVD that is reason the door does not open. Now you do one thing you open the top cover of DVD then one small device will be there on the disc having two screw open that also and remove the disc and again refix and then try your DVD door will open.


Answer by  RandomDan (489)

Find the emergency eject button and press with a paperclip. Inspect for debris with a flashlight. If the cause isn't obvious then clean with compressed air.


Answer by  Rano (84)

Open the computer case or DVD player case. Check ribbon data and power cable connections. Pull them off and push them back. If door remain closed, take convenient sharp thin blade tool, small knife will do, and carefully gently clean door all around for there may be dust or other impurities accumulated and sealed the door.

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