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Question by  ConchitaPerrita (18)

My cat is losing clumps of hair, what could be wrong with her?


Answer by  nhladyslipperfree (42)

Your cat may have a simple allergy to flea bites. It is a common ailment with cats. Things to look for are small red spots, itching, or excessive washing and pulling of their fur. Check with a veterinarian as they can prescribe a steroid to help with the reaction.


Answer by  Anonymous

She could be shedding, an allergy, old many causes! It could be a flea problem, or something more serious like scabies/ringworm. Check with your vet. Hair loss as a symptom could mean various things. You don't want to risk anything.


Answer by  bees (3)

my cats hair is coming out in hand fulls she is eating ok her fur looks like she has dandruff and she 11yrs old


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

There could be many causes for hair loss. Cats shed a lot about twice a year and also shed a little during rest of the year. Daily brushing should be able to help with shedding. If it does not improve then health issues such as ringworm infection can cause hair loss especially on the face and head area.


Answer by  brijesh1 (5)

Your cat is suffering from flea allergy that is why she is losing her hair. To treat this kind of allergy you can give it antibiotics. Use of special kind of shampoos can cure it from this disease. Some cats also suffer from hair loss due to "Follicular Dysplsia".

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