Question by  steph91 (23)

My angelfish is gasping for air at the top of my aquarium. Is this normal?


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

That depends. Is it popping up for air every once in a while then swimming back down or is it staying at the top for a long time? If it's the second one then your angel fish may be living up to the name and on it's way to fishy heaven.


Answer by  worker73 (61)

It's probably just trying to adjust to the new tank and different water. There isn't really anything you can go for him at this point, moving him or bothering the tank would only make matters worse. I would suggest turning off the light on the tank and just allowing him a little time to try to adjust.


Answer by  Requin (290)

If this is happening because you recently changed the water, the fish is having a hard time adjusting - acclimate slowly next time. You may also need to increase oxygen.

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