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Question by  bertha (26)

Is tissue paper good bedding for gerbils?

I just got a gerbil and want to make him a nice home.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Tissue paper may not be harmful, but is something easily eaten by gerbils. It may work temporarily, but consider using non-treated wood chips (found at any pet store). They are safe for consumption by gerbils and more what the creature is used to.


Answer by  Threeputt (84)

Tissue or toilet paper is okay for bedding, although it may need to be changed out frequently in order to control odor, especially if the gerbil container is kept in a small room of the house. Keep in mind, also, that gerbils like to burrow. So, you might want to start with a base layer of sand or kitty litter.


Answer by  Alyssa (35)

Tissue paper is not the ideal bedding for gerbils or any rodent. Since its so thin and absorbent it is a hazard when the gerbil tries to chew it up to make a nest.


Answer by  idavid (385)

No, tissue paper is not suitable bedding for gerbils. When wet, it will clump and eventually dissolve into mush. Additionally, tissue paper will not absorb odor.


Answer by  roxy3555 (51)

I not sure about that, but I used newspaper for mine. Or you could get bedding at your local pet store.


Answer by  potamess (9)

No, the bedding should be something that the gerbil can chew up and that has no colors or dyes in it.

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