Question by  michelle58 (17)

Is there any way to get a LG Rumor for Cingular?

I have Cingular but really want a Rumor.


Answer by  Relic (18)

The LG Rumor is made for the Sprint Network. Sprint uses CDMA phones which do not use sim cards and are not compatible with the Cingular GSM network. Without A Place to add a sim card, you cannot use the LG Rumor on the Cingular Network.


Answer by  nikit (92)

Unfortunately if you want an LG Rumor you would have to go to Sprint and get service with them. The Rumor will only work on carriers that use CDMA technology, whereas Cingular uses GSM technology and uses SIM cards and the LG Rumor doesn't take a SIM card.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

No, the LG Rumor uses the CDMA celluar technology which only works with carriers like Verizon and Sprint. Cingular uses GSM technology which is completely incompatible with this specific phone. You could try to find a phone similar to the Rumor that does support GSM. The LG F9100 has a slide-out keyboard and is GSM. It may do for you.

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