Question by  nyne (31)

Is the Sanyo television a good choice?


Answer by  cody (1331)

a sanyo television is a good choice because they are a good name brand company and their televisions last a long time. if they break they also have a warranty for a year or so.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

Sanyo make a variety of different models and sizes of televisions, but for the most part, they are a relatively reliable brand. Their tvs generally emit above average sound and picture quality, and although they aren't quite as high end as Samsung, Sharp, or Sony, they are still a fine choice when purchasing.


Answer by  JohnDoe322333 (17)

The answer will depend greatly on which Sanyo model your referring to. However, to answer the question with the information provided, yes Sanyo is a good brand. For many years now Sanyo has been competing with some of the 'big name' brands such as Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, and Sharp.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

The Sanyo television is a good choice. Sanyo makes quality electronics and their televisions are known for being well made.


Answer by  Kristen826 (37)

The Sanyo television brand is a good choice for those who are looking for an inexpensive tv option. I would recommend looking at Phillips, if you could afford it.


Answer by  ryanreck (32)

I have owned a Sanyo 50" flat screen TV for a year and a half now. I have had no problems with it except no sleep function.


Answer by  Kat123 (591)

Well, it's a good choice, but not the best one out there. I would most probably stick with the Sony or the Samsung. They are the most trustworthy TV brand names out there.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The Sanyo TV is a good choice if you want a less expensive model TV, if you wnat a TV with more features you are better off buying a more expensive TV.

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