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Question by  jennie (77)

Is the elbow bone really called the wenis?


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

No, it is not a recognised medical term. It refers to the rough skin on the outside of the elbow colloquially only. The 'elbow' refers to the region around the elbow-joint and thus there really is no such thing as an 'elbow bone' - it's the joining of two bones, the upper arm and the forearm.

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no...the SKIN on the elbow is a wenis...isnt that just wierd ?!?!?!?!!?!?  add a comment
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This boy at school said to the teacher "Did you know that there is a bone called a wenis?" and the teacher said yes! lol:)  add a comment
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thats what he said  add a comment

Answer by  amiv (249)

The elbow is a joint (actually two joints), not a bone. The elbow is made up of several bones with different names. "Wenis" is not one of them. "Wenis," also known as "wisen," is a name for the loose skin on the back of the elbow. Lately, it has been used as a derogatory term.


Answer by  Anonymous

The wenis is a slang term for extra elbow skin. The medical term for the extra elbow skin is olecranan.

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The OLECRANON is the bony process at the end of the radius. It forms the elbow. Former anatomy teacher.  add a comment

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i've been that's what called a weinus and it's the funniest term that i have ever heard but look at the bright side it isn't as annoying as the five most annoying things...


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there is such thing as a wenis because black people say it and my mommy told me so.

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@ jill0000: you're dumb.  add a comment
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You sound like a racist little 5 year old.  add a comment
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