Question by  worker8194 (35)

Is the dracenea massangeana a poisonous plant?

I want to make sure it will not harm my animals or small children.


Answer by  leelee02 (43)

The dracenea massangeana (corn plant) poses a low risk of poisoning children. However it can be toxic to cats and dogs. Some signs to look for if you think your pet may have ingested some of the plant are dilated pupils(cats), depression, anorexia, excessive salivation, and vomiting (which on occasion may contain blood. )


Answer by  MECooke (142)

The genus Dracaena on the whole is considered non toxic. However, care should be taken with cats due to their small size and different metabolism. House cats have exhibited symptoms of drooling and vomiting after ingesting Draceana leaves. There is also the possibility that a child or pet might have unusual sensitivity to a plant and develop an allergic reaction.


Answer by  daisyrae (143)

Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana', also commonly known as a corn plant, is non-toxic to humans. Unfortunately it is slightly poisonous to household pets such as cats and dogs.


Answer by  AllanPC (5)

The Dracenea Massangeana is only a midly poisonous plant to housepets. Humans are uneffected but should avoid eating it. If your dog and cat happen to be digging in the plant soil, you can solve this problem by spraying cayene pepper. This will "burn" the paws. teaching the pets to keep away.

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