Question by  djdoubleu (14)

Is the 24 Hour Fitness a good gym to join?

I noticed that they sponsor Olympic athletes.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

It depends on what your goals are. Many food companies make very unhealthy foods, yet they sponsor Olympic athletes as well. 24 hour is a good overall/general fitness gym, but if you specialize in a sport the way Olympic athletes do, it is not as good. It won't hurt to try one out and see if it meets your goals.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

24 hour fitness gyms are excellent to join, especially if you work shift work, or like to work out during irregular times for whatever reason. You can't go wrong with joining it.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Any gym (along as your budget provides it) is a good idea, if you are truly committed. 24 hour Fitness is a great gym to join, especially if you work irregular shifts.

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