Question by  Chris33 (37)

Is it ok to have two male cats in the house?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Male cats can see each others as brothers or as competition. Either way they will be more happy if they are taken to the vet and neutered -- they will fight less and spray less if at all.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes, but you need to interduce the cats very carefuly. I have two male cats and they love each other.


Answer by  Nisa (192)

It can really work if you choose to have two male cats in the home. There will be fights though at least for a time. There will also be times when one is going to try to express dominance over the other, but usually in time things will settle down.


Answer by  CleoSombra (109)

Male cats can cohabitate with other male cats just fine. For the least amount of aggression, both cats should be neutered. In the first few days of meeting eachother, supervise their interaction and give them time apart. Don't leave them together, unsupervised, for several days or until you feel comfortable.

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