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Question by  phlc (19)

Is it normal that a full body massage include genitals?


Answer by  pixlove (58)

Absolutely not. During a normal full body massage, your breasts (for women) and genital areas (for both men and women) should be covered and not touched. If you have ever received a full body massage and the masseuse or masseur touched you inappropriately on your genitals you should report this to the police.


Answer by  jacqueline (9)

If you go to a tradicional practice you dont suposse to get it,but if you want it, look for a sensual practice wher they include your genital as part of your body,


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Well, there are massage parlors and "massage parlors". If you are not sure which one you went to, it is apparent that you went to one where they might have gone too far. Or, the masseuse had a sexual interest in you and gave you a sign. If you were offended, then let the owner of the company know.

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