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Question by  Vanessa77 (2)

Is it common to have one breast bigger than the other?

Why or why not?


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Yes, it's common to have asymmetrical breasts. It's also common to have one pointing a slightly different direction. It pretty much comes down to no human being being perfectly symmetrical. While symmetry is beautiful, the only things that are perfectly symmetrical are reflections in the mirror. Don't worry if it's only slight.


Answer by  herrwerlein (5)

Yes this condition is more common than most people realize. Some girls become alarmed when they notice this but it really is not anything to worry about. Girls tend to get very self conscious about this issue but generally, nobody else even notices the difference in size between the two breasts. My advice is to embrace your individuality, not be ashamed of it.


Answer by  CJ98 (127)

Yes, many women have one breast that is bigger then the other. Sometimes one is bigger by a full cup size or two. There really is no reason for this.


Answer by  dckkiran (66)

Yes, it is common to have one breast bigger than the other. This is because of genetic disorder. sometimes it is because of improper growth at the breast is not a matter to concern about breast size.

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