Question by  meo0314 (76)

Is it better to get your nose pierced with a gun or a needle?

I have heard that guns are not good to use, but some people say that they hurt less. Which one is better?


Answer by  LLaurent (8)

The needle is always better! Even if the gun did hurt less, why would you want to risk the chance of being infected with something? Your best bet when getting pierced is to have the piercer use a brand new, sterile needle. Also, with a needle it's easier for the piercer to see exactly where the hole will be placed.


Answer by  linsm (898)

It is better to have your nose pierced with a needle for sterility reasons. A gun cannot be autoclaved and repetitive use can cause infection. There is less risk of infection when using a needle since it can be thrown away should contamination occur. Also, there is less tissue damage.


Answer by  booboobear (139)

It is always better to get any piercing done with a needle! It is not true that piercing guns hurt less, and they can damage your cartilage.


Answer by  Anonymous

With my experience I've had both needle, and the gun used on my nose,I prefer the gun cause its much quicker,than the needle, bactine also works the best too. The gun hurts less too.


Answer by  mellyyyy (0)

The needle is always a better way to go!! It hurts much less with a needle and much more with a gun, plus they can damage your cartilage and skin

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