Question by  techgenius101 (13)

Is Ensure a good supplement for children?

I think it was originally intended for the elderly.


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

Ensure is typically used with the elderly, especially those without good appetites that prevent them from consuming enough calories or nutrients. Children can drink Ensure, but it is best if kids eat foods that give them enough calories and nutrients. The child will be healthier for it.


Answer by  matbfal (12)

It is a good supplement if the child is not receiving adequate nutrition through their regular diet. It should be noted that there are several versions of Ensure. Research should be done before placing a child on a supplement. Higher calories per gram could lead to unwanted weight gain.


Answer by  SpammedErik (18)

Ensure is not necessarily a good supplement for children. Yes, you are right when it was intended for the elderly and the recommendation is for children ages 9 and up.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There is a special dietary suppliment on the market along the same line as Ensure but it's made for children. You can find it where they sell Ensure.


Answer by  riojane (6)

yes, its ensure good vitamin for children and it help their vital organ to be more active and prevent them for early kidney stone. not only for elderly this supplement could help most of us to have a good irrigation cause kidney made it.

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