Question by  Emily19 (25)

Is Cortizone cream safe for dogs?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

Yes you should keep them from licking it as it may cause there stomachs to have irritation. it should only be use sometimes.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Cortisone cream is safe for dogs. It can be very efficacious on "hot spots", itchy areas, etc. However, these conditions can be caused by factors that seriously require a vet's attention, ie, a hotspot may be caused by sarcoptic mange, which can get bad enough to be fatal.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Yes, it is safe to apply cortizone cream or ointment on dogs. The key is to keep an eye on the dog and not let them lick it off.


Answer by  mb87 (13)

yes but be sure it is somewhere the dog cannot lick it off, for more information you should call your vet


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

It's fine as long as there is no broken skin on the dog. I've used it on mine several times. No problems.

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